Karla Porter

Karla PorterKarla Porter is a mama to 4 littles, a technophile, a writer, idea generator, and a graphic/web designer.

She is co-owner of ArcherCreative.com, which she owns with her soon-to-be-husband (whom she met on Twitter). Prior to joining forces with Randy, Karla ran Fruition-Designs.com, an online graphic design boutique. She created the original Mommy Cards, which were featured on parenting sites all over the internet. Originally specializing in print design, her leap into the blog world in 2005 made the decision to take on web design an easy one. She loves the ease of designing for and using WordPress. It’s her weapon of choice.

Born in Decatur, but having grown up in Maryland, she and her 4 littles have recently relocated to Birmingham, AL, where they are Living the Life Fantastic(LivingTheLifeFantastic.com)with Randy.

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