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The Downside of a Popular Project

Presented by Dougal Campbell

WordPress is a great project with many users, fans, and supporters. But with great popularity also comes a darker side of community. Learn about the pitfalls, from Zealots to Haters.

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Beyond the System Font: Advanced Web Typography

Presented by Sara Cannon

Interested in pushing beyond the system font? Advanced Web Typography will cover: – the current state of web typography/web font licensing etc – the latest practices such as @font-face embedding – a practical and applicable focus on how to utilize typekit with WordPress. – real-time typekit installation demonstration / how to change your h1 – application on mobile devices (ipad challenges) – challenging and combating “FOUT” with js – focus on supporting type foundries (no illegal pirating. buy licensing)

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How to Speed up WordPress and Boost Site Performance

Presented by Syed Balkhi

Site Performance is one of the important factor of a successful website. This presentation highlights tips and tricks to reduce the use of server resources, improve site performance, decrease site load time, and improve SEO.

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The WordPress Freelancers Cloud Toolkit

Presented by Adria Richards

Are you still invoicing your customers in Microsoft Word and tracking clients in Excel? Learn how to manage your time and work effectively using cloud based tools for time tracking, billing, project estimates, lead management, media hosting, code storage and more. In this session you’ll get the best of breed tools out there to run your WordPress consulting business smarter, faster and more profitably using hosted applications like Basecamp and Harvest.

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Panel Discussion: My business website needs…

Presented by Lisa Isbell, Rebecca Morrow, Karla Porter and Wade Kwon

An opportunity to ask specialists in SEO, design, marketing and content on how to make your business website the best it can be. Aimed at all levels: beginner through advanced. Figure out how to make your company’s site into more than just a pretty page. Make your online investment work for you.

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What’s next for WordPress?

Presented by Andrew Nacin

Join core developer Andrew Nacin as he addresses the state of the WordPress project. The talk will provide an overview of 3.0, what we’re working on for our next release, and the project’s philosophies. You’ll also be introduced to “the WordPress family” — the future of bbPress and BuddyPress — and our efforts in making a better resource for all.

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5 Strategies Bloggers Should Learn from Online Marketers

Presented by Brandon Eley

We don’t usually think of blogs as transactional websites. They’re content sites, right?
The truth is, every website is transactional in some way or another. E-commerce professionals and online marketers have spent 15 years developing the best ways to get visitors to convert.
In this presentation we’ll discuss 5 key tactics that the pros use to boost conversions… and you’ll learn how they’re applicable to your blog, as well as how they can help you make more ad revenue, increase newsletter and RSS subscriptions, and sell more products.

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Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

Presented by Tammy Hart

Custom post types and taxonomies keep getting easier and easier to work with, but there is still a lot to know and learn about to be able to use all of their potential. Learn about templates, queries, and plugins that will get you singing the their praises.

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Blogging for Accountability

Presentation by Jennifer West

Everyone has a list of personal goals that’s collecting dust somewhere out of sight, out of mind. Start accomplishing your dreams by presenting them to the public via a personal blog.

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WordPress 101

Presentation by Mitch Canter

So, you’ve made the first step – deciding to come to WordCampBirmingham.  Excellent!  You may be a blogger looking to up his digital game – there’ll be lots for you to learn.  You may be a marketer wondering about the latest and greatest blogging platform out there – plenty of information for you too.  You may be a seasoned web developer wondering how to expand your portfolio of knowledge – come on in.

This isn’t a 101 session so much as it is a look at what makes WordPress great.  A brief history followed by a grand tour of the greatest content management system out there will show you just how powerful WordPress can be, no matter your purpose.

Mitch Canter has been developing WordPress sites for over 4 years, and spends his days developing, designing, and building fantastic WordPress sites for companies and bloggers all over.  Let him show you exactly why WordPress is THE definitive content management system around for websites, blogs, and beyond.

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