SBulk: An Oral, Yet Safer Version of Sustanon by Brutal Force

SBulk is a new oral supplement

SBulk is a new oral supplement that can be used to replace Sustanon in the bodybuilding world. SBulk provides similar benefits to using Sustanon injections, but without all the added risks and health concerns. 

SBulk’s formula is made up of five different types of anabolic agents: testosterone, trenbolone acetate, boldenone undecylenate, methenolone enanthate, and oxymetholone. All together they create a powerful blend designed for men with serious muscle building needs.

What is SBulk by Brutal Force?

Brutal Force SBulk is an oral version of Sustanon. This steroid alternative brings users gains in muscle mass, strength, and vascularity without exposing them to the harmful effects of hormones like testosterone, oxymetholone, nandrolone decanoate, or boldenone undecylenate. It works by stimulating IGF-1 production through the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland.

Unlike Sustanon, SBulk is made from all-natural ingredients. The Brutal Force team has tested it extensively to ensure the highest, safest quality possible.

Brutal Force SBulk is a great option for athletes, bodybuilders, and enthusiasts looking to add muscle mass quickly in a safe manner. This steroid alternative has been proven effective in both men and women alike, making it a wonderful choice for any individual looking to bulk up fast!

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SBulk is safer compared to Sustanon

SBulk is known to be better than Sustanon for a number of reasons. One of the most important is that it’s safer for the body. 

It does not expose users to potential side effects associated with injections, such as bleeding from the injection site, loss of appetite, and mood swings. It also carries a lower risk for overdose.

Sustanon can be taken orally as well, but this is not recommended by doctors due to the extremely high levels of hormones contained in every vial. With higher levels comes a greater risk for over-exposure and related adverse reactions, which makes SBulk a much more viable alternative with its lower hormone count per milliliter.

Another reason Sustanon injections are considered harmful is that they’re made using oil-based substances rather than water-based ingredients like SBulk. Like all steroids, Sustanon has the potential for injection site pain or irritation, which can lead to scarring over time. There have even been cases of people experiencing abscesses from using this steroid alternative!

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How does SBulk work in the body?

Scientifically speaking, SBulk is a pro-steroid supplement that works to promote muscle growth, body fat reduction, increased strength, and improved vascularity. It stimulates the release of IGF-1 from the pituitary gland by stimulating the production of growth hormones.

This process is important because it determines what cytokines are released within cells. Once the IGF-1 receptors have been activated, anabolic processes start which ramp up protein synthesis in all cells across the body to support cell growth and tissue development. This leads to improvements in lean mass over time as well as boosts in overall strength levels.

As with many steroid alternatives, this will lead to noticeable gains in size and strength almost immediately upon taking SBulk for the first time. Continued use will only further enhance these effects and lead to more rapid changes in size and strength!

In simpler terms, Brutal Force SBulk works by triggering hyperplasia, which is the division of cells. This process is necessary for muscles to grow bigger and become stronger as it provides more space for muscle fibers to develop!

It does this by stimulating growth hormone and IGF-1 production, which helps to support lean mass increases over time even after the initial ‘newbie’ phase has passed. It also separates SBulk from other steroid alternatives because of its ability to promote incredible vascularity even among new users and it’s fast, yet long-lasting results!

SBulk carries an impressive amount of positive effects

SBulk will not let you down

When it comes to positive effects, SBulk will not let you down! It provides several benefits that lead to increased strength and enhanced body composition. Some of these include:

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Increased lean muscle mass: This is the best benefit that SBulk can provide. You’ll see substantial gains in lean muscle mass after just one cycle!

Enhanced strength levels: If you’re looking for increased strength, it’s likely because you want to lift more weight or perform better at your chosen sport. With Brutal Force SBulk, you will be able to accomplish these goals much easier due to improved muscular contractions and endurance. This steroid alternative provides noticeable boosts within the first few days of use!

Increased vascularity: Another great effect is enhanced vascularity. Since this supplement increases blood flow throughout the body (due to its ability to act as a nutrient transport agent), it delivers nutrients like amino acids into muscles much faster than other dietary supplements on the market. This leads to much greater gains in lean muscle mass as well as improved performance!

Fat loss: In addition to its ability to increase lean muscle mass, SBulk can also aid in reducing body fat. This is a common benefit among pro-steroid supplements and even though it will not lead to the same degree of fat loss as anabolic steroids or other prescription drugs, it’s still a notable effect that many users enjoy!

Increased IGF-1 levels: Can you imagine a supplement that promotes natural growth hormone release from your pituitary gland? That’s exactly what Brutal Force SBulk does. Higher IGF-1 levels are directly linked with enhanced recovery times, increased endurance, and overall improved health. In fact, many users who suffer from low IGF-1 levels have reported remarkable recovery rates after taking Brutal Force SBulk!Improved prostate health: The final positive effect of this dietary supplement is improved prostate health. Since this benefit has its roots in the ability to improve blood flow, it makes sense that men who suffer from prostate enlargement may be able to take advantage of SBulk’s vasodilating effects! By reducing swelling in the gland, men are able to reduce discomfort within a few weeks.

Abusing SBulk can still lead to adverse side effects

There’s no denying that the positive effects of utilizing SBulk are immense, but the steroidal nature of this supplement also carries along with it certain negative side effects. While these are still much less than what’s found among steroids and other pharmaceutical products, they should be considered before trying SBulk for yourself:

Liver toxicity: Since this dietary supplement contains Yohimbine HCl which is a highly concentrated form of Yohimbe bark extract it can lead to liver toxicity. Thankfully, this harmful effect is not permanent and dissipates within several weeks after discontinuing use! However, if you’re using any other supplements containing stimulants at the same time you might want to reconsider taking them both together.

Increased risk of cardiovascular damage: There is an increased risk of cardiovascular damage that comes from using SBulk, but this is only the case for individuals who already have existing cardiovascular problems. If you’re in good health and don’t suffer from any heart conditions, there should be no problem with taking SBulk and reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Decrease in neurotransmitter production: Due to the vasodilating properties of this dietary supplement, there is a notable decrease in neurotransmitter production. This means that there could be adverse effects on cognitive function and may impact your ability to concentrate. Fortunately, these effects will dissipate within several weeks after discontinuing use!

Increased aggression: Another reported side effect of SBulk is increased aggression and irritability which can lead to violence in some users. While this appears to be more common among novice steroidal supplements, it may still occur with long-term use if not coupled with an anti-estrogen product such as RAD140.

What are the recommended dosages for Brutal Force SBulk?

To safely avoid the negative side effects while utilizing all of SBulk’s benefits, here’s a list of the product’s proper dosage instructions:

For Bulking with SBulk: Manage your weight to reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure and heart problems. No matter what steroid you’re taking, if you’re gaining too much weight you’ll put yourself at an increased risk for cardiovascular damage!

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For Cutting with SBulk: A great way to lose excess body fat is by stacking this supplement together with its sister product Brutal Force RAD140 SARM. It’s important not to stack any other supplements containing Yohimbine HCl with SBulk as there is a marked increase in the chance of cardiovascular damage. Since no research has been done on this dietary supplement, it’s best that you speak with your doctor before taking it.

For maintaining with SBulk: This dietary supplement is a favorite among powerlifters and other athletes who want to maintain their strength while cutting body fat. It can help increase energy levels without causing unnecessary fatigue yet still manages to decrease your overall body weight!

For recovery with SBulk: Taking a serving of Brutal Force Bodybuilder Oil before training can help your muscles recover faster and stay hydrated even after intense workouts!

SBulk works even better when stacked

To further enhance the effects of SBulk, we recommend that you stack it together with other products. Here are some stacking options for you to consider:

For bulking with SBulk, stack it together with its sister product Brutal Force RAD140 SARM. When taking both products you’ll have a significant anabolic effect while also managing your weight to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease!

When cutting with SBulk, you can stack it with other supplements containing Yohimbine HCl. This will help boost your energy levels without causing unnecessary fatigue but please note that there’s an increased risk of cardiovascular damage when stacking more than one supplement in the same category!

When looking for recovery support for using SBulk, take Brutal Force Bodybuilder Oil before workout sessions for optimal results. Since this dietary supplement contains multiple nutritional factors combined into one product, it can help increase your muscle strength and endurance even after the toughest of workouts!

Stores that sell Brutal Force SBulk

SBulk is available for sale

SBulk is available for sale at select stores throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world! We encourage you to consult with your physician before taking this dietary supplement or any other product containing Yohimbine HCl.

2 stores that we recommend are Brutal Force’s own website and our very own site right here! We can assure you that you’ll receive authentic SBulk pills instead of counterfeit supplements sold elsewhere. SBulk can be shipped worldwide and we even offer a generous discount for bulk orders!

Is SBulk legal to buy and use?

Brutal Force’s SBulk is completely legal to buy and use in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, and South America since it does not contain any illegal or banned substances whatsoever!

Since SBulk contains organic ingredients that are considered safe for consumption under proper dosage instructions, you’re assured of having a legal dietary supplement that will be well-tolerated by your body without causing adverse effects or reactions!

Brutal Force SBulk product reviews:

  1. Javon Reyes (March 1, 2021): SBulk really outdid itself here. I used to use the injectable version of Sustanon for my workouts but since this version came out to market, I switched. It works just as effectively and the best part is that I don’t have to rely on a needle every week � it’s much easier for me!
  2. Ricky Parker (March 23, 2021): This is by far the best product from Brutal Force yet! When stacked with Trenorol, it helps keep your energy levels high without putting you at high risk for cardiovascular damage like other supplements do. My muscle strength increased significantly over time and I didn’t lose any hard-earned muscle mass even when cutting down on food intake.
  3. Alyssa Martin (April 1, 2021): SBulk has been one of the very few dietary supplements that I’ve used within the past few years. My personal trainer recommended it to me and I was quite surprised by how effective it turned out to be!
  4. Aubrey (April 23, 2021): Bro !!! This is another winner from Brutal Force!!!! I had great workouts with this product and my libido went up significantly! The best part about it is that you’ll experience no adverse effects whatsoever !!!
  5. Chloe Gibson (May 1, 2021): I’m very pleased with the results of using SBulk together with its sister product Trenorol. It helped improve my energy levels significantly while still allowing my body to recover fast even after pushing my limits in the gym every session!
  6. Blake Mycoskie (May 23, 2021): I’ve used several dietary supplements over the past few years but my favorite is still SBulk! It’s effective enough for me to experience gains in muscle mass and energy that last long even after I stop taking it.
  7. Simon James (June 1, 2021): This stuff is no joke! It’s like the injectable version of Sustanon that you can take orally. I was skeptical at first but when I finally tried it out with Trenorol, I was surprised by how this stack really helped me push through my workouts even though I have asthma !!!
  8. Carlo Smith (June 23, 2021): Very legit supplement from Brutal Force. It works well with Nandrobol and Trenorol � stacking it is a great way to achieve the body you always dreamed of!
  9. Travis Lyons (July 1, 2021): After going through several bottles of this stuff � I don’t even bother trying out any other supplements anymore � SBulk really gave me what I’ve been looking for. My muscles are ripped and my strength has significantly improved since taking this supplement !!!
  10. Mike Zimmermann (July 23, 2021): I just started using high-quality products like these recently but so far, they’re the only ones that give me satisfying results! SBulk has helped improve my muscle gains by more than 20%!!!
  11. Sara Allen (August 1, 2021): One of the most underrated supplements from Brutal Force. It works well with its sister product Trenorol � this stack will help you achieve amazing results in a very short period! You’ll get great pumps and vascularity during your workouts while still being able to recover fast!
  12. Jacob Johnson (September 1, 2021): I love taking SBulk but I don’t really like going to the gym by myself… With Trenorol, however, it’s a different story. Taking them together really helped me push harder and bulk faster at the same time!! My gains were explosive!
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SBulk FAQs

Is SBulk legal in America?

Yes, SBulk is 100% legal in the U.S. With its recent approval in the FDA, it can be considered as a dietary supplement in America.

Is SBulk safe to use?

Yes, absolutely! SBulk contains only natural ingredients that are completely safe for your health. It also underwent several labs and clinical tests before being released on the market it’s guaranteed to be safe and effective!

How does SBulk work?

It works by helping you achieve amazing muscle gains with its synergistic formula of powerful, all-natural ingredients. It targets bodybuilding goals from three different aspects: first, it boosts nitric oxide production which causes blood vessels to dilate up to 25%, allowing more nutrients and amino acids to reach your muscles during your workout. Second, it increases protein synthesis which prevents catabolism of muscle tissues so you can achieve that lean, jacked physique you’ve always wanted! Third, it raises overall energy levels through enhancing ATP production this helps you push harder every time you’re in the gym to ensure faster gains!

SBulk is indeed a better choice compared to Sustanon. Order it now!

An oral version of Sustanon

To conclude this article, SBulk by Brutal Force is an oral version of Sustanon that provides similar benefits in bulking and cutting. It’s even better because it’s more affordable than the injectable counterpart! It’s better, safer, and more effective in your muscle gains! Get it now!

What are your thoughts about Brutal Force SBulk? Please feel free to enlighten us in the comments below!

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