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Growth hormone releasing peptide 5

GHRP-5, or growth hormone releasing peptide 5, is a synthetic peptide that stimulates the pituitary gland to release natural growth hormones into the bloodstream. It’s use can be beneficial in bodybuilding for restoring muscle mass and increasing fat metabolism. 

It has also been shown to improve bone density by stimulating osteoblasts (bone building cells) and decrease adipogenesis (fat cell formation). This makes it an excellent choice for any individual looking to lose weight or build muscle. This article explores the information about GHRP-5, so you can make the most informed choice for your bodybuilding regimen.

What is GHRP-5?

GHRP-5 is one of the synthetically produced variants (others include GHRP-2, Hexarelin, ipamorelin, pralmorelin) that bind to the ghrelin/growth hormone secretagogue receptor to stimulate the pituitary gland to release growth hormone into the body. It is also possible that these peptides work by blocking somatostatin, a natural inhibitor of GH secretion from the pituitary.

Orally active growth hormone secretagogues have been developed because injectable HGH carries a high risk for side effects and may even be contraindicated (or at least less safe) for some individuals. These peptides stimulate the secretion of growth hormone without triggering undesirable secondary effects such as insulin resistance, hyperglycemia and fluid retention. GHRP-5 is often compared to CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin because all three products share a number of characteristics.

How does it work?

GHRP-5 works by initiating the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of your brain. Growth hormone (GH) has many benefits on human health and physical appearance, but its use as a performance enhancing drug is extremely limited. This is because pure GH itself does not provide any direct benefit to athletic performance. Instead, synthetic versions of GH are used to improve certain properties that natural GH may lack—namely consistency in terms of effectiveness and reliability in timing throughout the day due to its short half-life.

GHRP-5 acts as an agonist for ghrelin receptors found on anterior pituitary cells, causing increased secretion of growth hormone with oral administration without affecting cortisol and prolactin levels and without causing any growth-hormone-releasing side effects like acromegaly.

GHRP-5’s Effects on HGH:

The most notable effect of GH is the anabolic response it triggers in human skeletal muscle. Individuals supplementing with GHRP-5 can anticipate increased lean tissue growth and fat metabolism due to elevated plasma levels of free IGF-1, insulin-like growth factor 1. This peptide also has therapeutic implications for individuals who suffer from joint pain or decreased bone density, as it stimulates osteoblasts (bone building cells) and decreases adipogenesis (fat cell formation).

This makes GHRP-5 a particularly useful peptide even for users without interest in bodybuilding.

GHRP-5’s Effects on Appetite:

Powerful effects on body composition

GH exerts powerful effects on body composition through its influence on appetite and food intake. Similar effects are observed with the use of GHRP-5. Pulse dosing can be an effective means to minimize or avoid overeating during a steroid cycle leading up to contests, which is often recommended by bodybuilders for many reasons.

HGH’s Effects on Metabolism:

Studies in both animals and humans show that GH treatment decreases total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol levels. 

Additionally, short-term studies in healthy subjects indicate that GH significantly increases protein synthesis and suppresses muscle breakdown without any change in amino acid (building blocks of proteins) plasma concentrations. These effects may further result in decreased adipogenesis (fat cell formation), increased glucose utilization, and improved bone density. GH replacement therapy may also have positive effects on carbohydrate metabolism, decreasing insulin resistance and plasma glucose levels.

GHRP-5’s Effects on Muscle Mass:

One of the primary mechanisms by which growth hormone exerts its muscle building effects is through satellite cell activation, proliferation, and differentiation—all of which are critical elements in skeletal muscle hypertrophy (growth). GHRP-6 has been shown to affect both the initiation of early events as well as later stages of growth factor signaling that are essential for maximal stimulation of skeletal myoblast proliferation. 

In addition to increased protein synthesis mentioned earlier thanks to elevated IGF-1 levels, GHRP-6 stimulates production of another anabolic hormone known as Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3). IGFBP-3 actually blocks the effects of IGF-1, so by stimulating its production GHRP-6 amplifies its own anabolic actions. 

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GHRP-5’s Effects on Appetite Suppression:

GH has strong lipolytic (fat burning) properties in synergy with catecholamines. Catecholamines are hormones like adrenaline that promote fat mobilization in cells while GH is primarily responsible for modulating adipocyte metabolism, increasing the rate at which they release their fatty acid contents into circulation as free fatty acids (FFA). This is possible through increased expression of lipoprotein lipase—an enzyme that breaks down triglycerides.

GH treatment has also been shown to decrease triglyceride uptake within adipocytes, further increasing lipid mobilization. For these reasons, GHRP-5 users should experience a more efficient reduction of subcutaneous fat stores compared to dieting alone.

GHRP-5’s Therapeutic Benefits:

Besides its effects on body composition, GH is known for its potent anti-diabetic properties that are directly related to increased glucose utilization through promotion of skeletal muscle growth and improved insulin sensitivity. Patients with impaired glucose tolerance often find marked improvement in their condition after being treated with GH. The same can be said for metabolic disorders such as adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD), which is commonly associated with fatigue and decreased lean body mass. In fact, GHRP-6 is currently being used as a therapeutic treatment for AGHD.

GHRP-5’s Effects on Joints:

Lubrication of joints and connective tissues

GH has been shown to have beneficial effects on the lubrication of joints and connective tissues, which may be particularly important for bodybuilders who push their bodies hard day in and day out during contest prep when they are already dealing with a great amount of wear and tear from heavy training sessions.

What is the recommended dosage for GH?

The dosage for GH peptides may vary. However, generally speaking the recommended dosage of GHRP-5 falls in the 30mcg – 100mcg per injection range, with a frequency anywhere between 2-6 injections per day. For more accurate dosing recommendations based on your needs/goals it is best to consult with a properly trained medical professional who can help you determine if GHRP-5 is right for you.

Administration of it:

GHRP-5 may be administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly. If you are administering the peptide by injection, you should note that GHRP-5 is a fairly large peptide so it would be prudent to dilute the solution using a sterile, bacteriostatic water in order to avoid pain or discomfort at the injection site caused by too high of a concentration.

As with all injectable supplements caution should be taken when handling these products to avoid direct contact with your skin and/or mucous membranes (eyes, nose). Although side effects involving interactions due to direct application on the skin appear unlikely according to clinical literature, some users anecdotally report getting pin-prick lesions on their skin after accidentally spilling the product.

There are many possible side effects to GHRP-5 use, but by following proper precautions and sticking to recommended dosage guidelines you can significantly reduce your risk of negative consequences. To be on the safe side it’s important to do your research and talk to a medical professional if you have any concerns about using this or any other supplement responsibly.

What are the possible side effects to GHRP-5?

GHRP-5 users should first note that due to its ability to increase GH production it should not be used by those who already have abnormally high levels of the hormone. Studies show that prolonged exposure to GH at extremely high levels can lead to a condition known as acromegaly, which is characterized by overgrowth of the bones in the hands and feet, forehead, jaw and other areas resulting from an overabundance of growth hormones.

In fact, this recommendation applies for all GHRP peptides regardless of their ability to induce GH secretion or stimulate appetite. The use of these products may also potentially cause side effects such as carpal tunnel syndrome, enlarged heart muscle and thickening of the blood among others if used incorrectly. However, if used responsibly and as recommended, products such as GHRP-5 can be a safe and effective way to help you achieve your physique goals.

What is the difference between GHRP-5 and GHRP-6?

GHRP-5 and GHRP-6 are often compared because they both product GH in a manner that is similar to GHRH, however there are several differences between the two peptides.

One major difference between these two products is their duration of action. Unlike GHRP-6, GHRP-5 has been reported to have a relatively short half-life of approximately 30 minutes. In addition, while both compounds increase secretion of GH via the same mechanism (which we will discuss shortly), studies demonstrate that they do so at different rates and with vastly different potencies; for example, 100mcg of GHRP-6 has been shown to increase plasma concentrations 473% higher than 100mcg of GHRP-5.

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All in all, it appears that while the two GH secretagogues have a great deal of overlap in their mechanisms and effects on the body, GHRP-6 is more effective at producing GH levels beyond what is naturally possible with increased secretion from somatotrophs.

Does growth hormone interact with other supplements?

Not be wise to stack this product with others

GHRP-5 does not appear to have any serious negative interactions with other common fitness supplements such as protein powder or BCAA’s. However, given its ability to potentiate secretion of cortisol from the adrenal cortex it may not be wise to stack this product with others which also induce higher cortisol production such as Trenbolone, Dianabol or Anadrol 50.

If you are considering using other cortisol-increasing supplements or medications such as Nolvadex, it would be wise to do some research first and consult with a medical professional before making any decisions.

What should I stack GHRP-5 with?

Since GHRP-5 is generally used as a cutting agent by those looking to lose body fat, many stack this product with:

  • Testosterone (oral or injection)– This may be the most common stock for GH use due to the synergistic effects of increased GH with regards to increasing muscle growth and improving body composition.
  • HGH (somatropin) – Some who do not like taking steroids will instead choose to supplement with HGH when cutting, which is often stacked in similar fashion as GHRP-5.
  • Trenbolone – Those looking to cut while retaining or even gaining lean tissue mass often stack GHRP-5 with Trenbolone due to its ability to act on different receptor types than many other popular performance enhancing drugs such as Anadrol 50 and Dianabol.
  • GHRP-6 – While this product does have a shorter half-life that makes it less ideal for stacking, it may be used during the same cycle as GHRP-5 to increase GH levels beyond what would otherwise be possible with just injection or supplementation of natural GHRH.

Product reviews for GHRP-5:

  1. Melan Rics (February 2, 2021): GHRP5 is an awesome product. I used it for 6 weeks at 25mcg EOD and it really did the trick; allowed me to get down to low body fat percentage while increasing my lean mass. I will say that you should not cycle this product though (in terms of taking breaks). Stopped working for me when I tried cycling it, which sucks because its great while using it…
  2. Joshua B (October 07, 2021): I have been using GHRP5 for about 6 months now. I usually take it in the morning when I wake up at 25mcg to help give me an energy boost in the mornings when I’m not getting much sleep. It has really helped me with keeping my sanity when I don’t get much sleep, so much so that its become a daily habit. Not only does this stuff keep you awake if taken in the morning, but it also helps with hunger throughout the day and making food taste better.
  3. Curtis D (November 2, 2021): I have been using it for 2 weeks now and i have already noticed a difference with appetite as well as not looking as bloated as i normally always do. I’ve also noticed my muscles look bigger after lifting even if im running a calorie deficit.
  4. Tom D (November 4, 2021): I have used GHRP5 on and off for about 3 years now. It is an awesome product, but you definitely need to cycle this stuff or else your body will stop responding to it over time due to something called upregulation of the receptors. It sucks because when my body stops responding to GHRP5, it also stops me from having that intense GH pulse sensation right after pinning… which feels amazing the way!
  5. Mike Henry (March 24, 2021): I have been supplementing with GHRP5 for about a month now and have noticed a big increase in the amount of GH being released into my system while sleeping, as well as along with meals. I definitely notice an increased sense of satiety when taking this product. In fact, I usually get super stuffed from food after eating which makes staying on a strict calorie intake very difficult.
  6. Conan Jeffrey (March 25, 2021): I’ve been using GHRP5 for about a year now and must say it is pretty good stuff. It works very well when stacked with HGH or testosterone, but even on its own, it can produce some results in terms of fat loss and muscle gaining. I usually notice my muscles look more pumped after a heavy workout when using GHRP5.
  7. Giang Cao (April 8, 2021): This product works very well for me at least; I was able to crush calories like it’s nobody’s business. It’s been a year since I’ve been using this product and when it does stop working, it’s for a good reason in terms of leveling out my body chemistry in reference to insulin. If you take too much GHRP5 in the form of daily intake or stacking, your ghrelin levels will become suppressed making you feel hungry all day long…
  8. Zachariah S (February 19, 2021): I recently started supplementing with human growth hormone after seeing multiple people on social media say that they had gotten great results from using it. So far, I have noticed an increase in energy during the day as well as an increase in appetite, which is great considering its hard me to eat at all while working a full-time office job.
  9. Nathan Wayne (August 28, 2021): I love this stuff! If you take it within 3 hours of going to bed and then wake up and drink a protein shake immediately, your muscles will be super pumped and feel tight as balls… It’s like having tanner abs along with better quality sleep. This product does wonders for my sleep habits as well as physique; it’s definitely worth checking out if you really want to maximize your gains.
  10. Levi Anthony (August 29, 2021): I love GHRP5 so much! I’m usually not hungry at all throughout the day until it is time to eat, but this stuff helps me want to eat more than usual. It also increases your appetite in terms of volume which allows you to fit more food into the pie hole… The increase in hunger makes calorie restriction easier because it’s like anything that can be consumed taste like heaven when taking GHRP5.
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FAQs about GHRP-5:

When should I take it?

You can take GHRP-5 either on its own or stacked with other supplements. On its own, GHRP-5 may be taken 30 minutes before your solid food or one hour before meals. I would recommend taking GHRP-5 30 mins before your first meal of the day if you stack it with other supplements. When stacking GHRP-5, you can take it at any time throughout the day; however, I would recommend taking it right before bed to maximize GH release during sleep.

How do I store this product?

GHRP-5 does not require refrigeration. However, keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources (radiators, microwaves etc.). 

Can I split the dosage throughout the day?

Yes, you can take half a dose in the morning and then take the other half either before lunch or at bedtime. This will give your body extra GH release when it is needed most without over-stimulating GH release which would lead to fat gain.

How long should I take it for?

GHRP-5 is a peptide, so it gets cleared from the body within 72 hours. To achieve maximum effectiveness, only run GHRP-5 for 4 weeks before taking a 2 week break to allow your body time to reset and release more GH naturally. Taking a break will also help prevent tolerance build up which would reduce the effectiveness of this product over time. 

How long can I safely use this product?

You can safely use GHRP-5 for as long as you want, but we would recommend that for the best effectiveness only run it for a maximum of 12 weeks before taking a 4-week break. 

Will I gain weight from using GHRP-5? If so, how much weight will I gain?

Yes, if you are looking to maximize your muscle gains from your workout routine, then you should expect to put on a small amount of fat while taking GHRP-5. The added GH release stimulates appetite which results in an increased intake of food. If you eat more calories than normal while supplementing with GHRP – 5, then yes – you will gain weight, However, if you eat the same number of calories as normal but add additional food to your diet, then you will gain more weight from fat.

Is GHRP-5 legal?

Yes, it is legal in the United States and is available to buy over the counter. It does not require a prescription from your doctor, but please check with your doctor before supplementing with GHRP -5 if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are currently using medication.

Is it safe when used long term?

Yes! GHRP-5 has been well tolerated in healthy individuals when used for an extended period. However, we would recommend that you take breaks by stopping usage for 4 weeks after 12 consecutive weeks of use.

Make GHRP-5 work for YOU!

If you’re searching for a safe and effective peptide that will aid in the increase of your appetite, reduction of body fat, and gain in lean muscle mass, GHRP-5 is the solution to your prayers. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or bulk up for sports performance, GHRP-5 has everything you need. We suggest trying this peptide for all these reasons!

We can’t wait to hear how well it works out for you! Comment below if any of our readers decide to give it a try, let us know what results you see!

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