GHRP-3: Reviews of the BEST Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide!

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides (GHRP-3)

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides (GHRP-3) is a synthetic peptide that was developed in the early 1990s. It is used to stimulate growth hormone production and release from the pituitary gland. This has been shown to be effective for increasing lean body mass, decreasing fat mass, reducing wrinkles, improving skin elasticity, promoting hair growth, and strengthening bones. In addition, it is also thought to influence muscle strength and endurance by stimulating IGF-1 production which can improve athletic performance. GHRP-3 may even prove beneficial for depression treatment as it increases serotonin levels in the brain while simultaneously suppressing cortisol levels. This article will help you understand all the benefits of GHRP-3, including how to use it, potential side effects and any safety concerns.

What exactly is GHRP-3?

Growth Hormone Releasing Hexapeptide or GHRP-3 is a peptide which stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone. The pituitary gland senses blood concentrations of important hormones called ‘growth factors and releases growth hormone accordingly – when one of these growth factors reaches a certain set point in the bloodstream, the pituitary gland secretes GH as a response. GHRP-3 is a synthetic hexapeptide, meaning it consists of six amino acids, and is structurally like the growth factor GH secretagogue GHRH or Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone. The peptide bonds with a receptor in the pituitary gland that stimulates the release of natural growth hormone from your body.

GHRP-3 increases glucose transport into muscle cells by signaling fat tissue to stop storing fat and the pancreas to produce more insulin. In addition, since GHRP-3 enhances appetite, it also helps counterweight loss induced by calorie restriction diets.

Mechanism of Action:

GHRP-3 increases the synthesis and release of growth hormone by binding to the ghrelin receptor (growth hormone secretagogue or GHS receptor) in the pituitary gland. The ghrelin receptor is a G protein coupled receptor which stimulates adenylyl cyclase to increase intracellular cAMP levels when activated. 

GHRP-3 has been found to be 1,000 times more potent than ghrelin itself at stimulating cAMP production in GH3 cells. Once cAMP levels are sufficiently high, it signals for the release of growth hormone from somatotrophs in the pituitary gland. Due to its role in promoting appetite and inhibiting serotonin release, GHRP-3 has been proposed as a possible therapeutic in the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD).

Why do people use GH?

Increasing growth hormone levels is popular amongst athletes as it can increase lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, and improve exercise performance. GHRP-3 has also been used to help reduce wrinkles, skin elasticity and hair growth as well as strengthening bones.

It’s important to note that GHRP-3 is not a direct replacement for growth hormone therapy, but studies have shown it to be effective at increasing levels of IGF-1 in the blood resulting in less painful joints, thicker skin with reduced wrinkles, improved immune function and increased energy levels. Since GHRP-3 enhances appetite, it can also be used for weight loss or obesity treatment.

What are the benefits of using growth hormone?

The main benefit of using GHRP-3

The main benefit of using GHRP-3 includes:

  • Increase lean muscle mass– GHRP-3 is thought to increase lean muscle mass by increasing production of IGF-1, which plays a key role in the growth and repair of skeletal muscles. 
  • Reduce body fat– One study found that GHRP-3 increased fat metabolism resulting in more efficient breakdown while simultaneously decreasing hunger so it’s easier to reduce calorie intake. This will help maintain weight loss results for longer periods of time. 
  • Improve athletic performance – An increase in GH levels may have an ergogenic effect on strength, power, speed, and agility performance. One study suggested that individuals who took part in high intensity sprint training had an improved rate of recovery after exercise when GHRP-6 was administered with insulin, compared to individuals who were given insulin alone. 
  • Reduce wrinkles, skin elasticity and hair growth– GHRP-3 has shown to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the skin by increasing collagen production which leads to thicker skin with reduced sagging effects. Studies have also found that GHRP-3 helps promote new hair growth similarly to growth hormone therapy while decreasing hair loss associated with DHT (dihydrotestosterone) by inhibiting 5α reductase activity.
  • Increase energy levels– Studies show GHRP-3 increases energy expenditure by up to 20% during activity. 
  • Reduce pain and inflammation– GH release has an anti-inflammatory effect, which may decrease pain associated with arthritis, sports injuries, and other inflammatory conditions. 
  • Improve sleep quality– Higher GH levels in the body can improve deep sleep by increasing serotonin production and reducing cortisol levels that interfere with healthy REM cycles during sleep. 
  • Act as an appetite stimulant– GHRP-3 can significantly increases appetite, making it easier to maintain calorie intake.
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What is the average dosage of HGH?

The recommended adult dosage ranges from 100mcg to 1000mcg depending on what it is being used for, with lower doses around 200-300mcg used mainly for anti-aging purposes and higher doses (like 500mcg) taken by bodybuilders to build muscle mass faster. 

Start slowing with peptide use until you know how your body will react. If side effects become too severe, stop taking the peptide immediately and if necessary, cut back on dosage or frequency of administration. The most common reported side effect is an increase in hunger, indigestion, and nausea, so make sure you are keeping your meals regular and not overeating to avoid these problems.

How do I take GHRP-3?

GHRP-3 is most taken in a fasted state, on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before breakfast. The peptide can also be taken shortly after finishing up with your workout to further boost growth hormone release due to the synergistic effects of exercise and GH release. As this peptide may cause some people to feel hungrier, it is important that you pay attention to caloric intake while using it. Effects have been shown to last for 4-6 hours if injected subcutaneously, but only 2-4 hours when injected directly into a muscle or vein. This means you will need multiple daily injections when using it for purposes, so plan accordingly!

What are the side effects of using growth hormone?

Some common side effects associated with GHRP-3 use include:

  • Dizziness– increased GH levels in the blood can cause the body to become slightly light-headed or dizzy 
  • Nausea and digestive problems– GHRP-3 can increase appetite, making it important to maintain caloric intake. However, if you go overboard and eat too much at one time this can lead to nausea and possibly stomach aches. It is best to space out your big meals, so they are eaten at more reasonable times. 
  • Tiredness– Higher GH levels will also break down muscle tissue resulting in fatigue. It is important not to overdo strenuous exercise while taking GHRP-3, especially when just starting out with treatment, as this may cause extreme muscle soreness for a few days afterward that could leave you bedridden.
  • Acne– Decreased levels of sex hormones like testosterone can lead to an increase in oil production causing acne breakouts, oily skin, and hair. To avoid this nasty side effect some users recommend talking finasteride while taking GHRP-3.
  • Allergic reactions– A small percentage of the population is allergic to one or more components in GHRP-3. If you are new to peptides start with a low dosage (like 1mcg) and see how you respond before trying higher doses. 
  • Increased risk of diabetes– GH has been linked with insulin resistance, which may increase the chances of developing type 2 diabetes over time. Be sure to closely monitor your blood sugar levels if you have a family history of diabetes, are over the age of 40, or are already having problems with insulin resistance.

What are the recommended stacks for it?

Primoteston– GHRP-3 can be used at a dosage of 100mcg taken twice daily to increase the body’s natural production of GH and IGF-1, priming your body for increased muscle growth. It is best to use this peptide in conjunction with testosterone esters like enanthate or cypionate, as opposed to using it with test suspension. 

Trenavar– This powerful combination will dramatically increase protein synthesis and lead to massive muscle gains! The trenavar dose should be started at 50mg per day and upped until you see an optimal effect from it. Boosting your testosterone levels will help even further, so adding in some Dianabol would be a good idea too.

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Ghrp-6– Taking 25mcg of GHRP-6 per day will help improve GH release and stimulate the release of other anabolic hormones including IGF-1, which is also released in response to GHRP-6. As with GHRP-3, this peptide can be combined with testosterone esters like enanthate or cypionate for even greater results.HGH Frag 176-196 (MK-677) – This powerful secretagogue helps trigger natural production of HGH as well as boost levels of IGF1 and Insulin Growth Factor 1 by up to 100%! A starting dosage of 0.5mg is recommended once daily for those who have used a secretagogue before, but just 0.1mg for first timers.

How long does GHRP-3 stay in your system?

GHRP-3 is metabolized quickly

GHRP-3 is metabolized quickly, with an average half-life of only 5 minutes. In the body it breaks down into GHRH (growth hormone releasing hormone), which stimulates release of growth hormones from the pituitary gland. Your own production of HGH will therefore return to normal levels within a few hours after taking a dose, however continued use can help keep levels elevated for much longer. 

Product reviews for GHRP-3:

  1. Jonathan Smith (July 2, 2021): At 42 I have been bodybuilding since my early 20’s. Over the years I have tried many different products to help me reach the next level in getting bigger and stronger, including Testosterone Cypionate, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone Acetat , Dianabol , Anavar , Masteron , HGH Frag 176-191 (MK-677) and Ligandrol . Of all these products GHRP-3 has by far worked best for me. Within 10 days of using, it along with 5iu daily injections of HGH I was able to pack on at least 15 lbs of pure muscle that gave me an insane pump when working out. This really helped give me that edge that I needed to break through and reach my goals. I will absolutely be using this product again! 
  2. Emma V (April 2, 2021): Not gonna lie I was skeptical about this peptide at first, but it has worked out miracles for me. Someone recommended it to me as a way of increasing GH levels naturally and immediately making my skin look better (I’m 20 years old). Best birthdays present ever! 
  3. Jeff Mason (January 1, 2021): Used in PCT to help lower estrogen and boost testosterone. Have been taking 10mg per day in 4-5 equal doses with meals over the past 3 months and have seen great results in terms of fat loss and muscle gain, and also strength gains when lifting weights in the gym. Mind & body have been feeling great as well. 
  4. Christian Gale (March 27, 2021): Been taking GHRP-3 for over a year now to help increase GH release as well as IGF1. Have seen amazing muscle gains as a result of using it alone or stacking it with other products. Lost fat at the same time too! Highly recommend trying out 100mcg injections 2 times daily along with 500mcg Ligandrol per day.
  5. Mike Bernard (January 8, 2021): Overall GHRP-3 is a very effective product, during PCT I would take it at a dosage of 10mg per day in 4 equal doses for 3 weeks. Have been using it along with other supplements to keep gains going and have definitely seen a difference compared to when I was not taking GHRP-3 during my cycle.
  6. Zach Harry (April 26, 2021): Been taking 100mcg daily while on 12-week cycle of test e 500mg every week. Gained over 20lbs and put on a lot of muscle mass through the entire cycle, also came off cycle with no bloat from the tren! Did use Clomid Nolva throughout to counteract any side effects from testosterone ester. Will be considering this product again for next cycle! 
  7. Xian Dillinger (May 2, 2021): Recommended dosage is 100mcg 2-3 times daily on an empty stomach. Have been taking GHRP-3 for 3 weeks and I am just starting to notice definition in my abs and vascularity in my arms and legs. Really hoping that the effects continue and that I get even more ripped soon!
  8. Vince Ben (June 25, 2021): Have been using this product for over a month now along with Ligandrol. At first did not think it was working but after taking it consistently at recommended dose of 100mcg twice daily on an empty stomach for 20 days have definitely noticed increased muscle fullness and better pumps during workouts. Will be incorporating it into my new bulking cycle too.
  9. Zach Marlowe (October 8, 2021): Gained 5lbs of muscle mass in 2 weeks when stacking with Ligandrol 100mcg twice daily taken on an empty stomach. I will definitely be using this product again!
  10. Randy Hecker (November 6, 2021): Been taking GHRP-3 at a dosage of 20mg per day split into 4 equal doses for the past 1 month. Have noticed increased endurance, strength and pumps during workouts while decreasing body fat. Will be continuing to use this product for its effects on lean muscle mass.
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FAQs about GHRP-3:

Is GHRP-3 a steroid?

No, GHRP-3 is a growth hormone releasing peptide that helps elevate the release of natural GH from the pituitary gland. It is not an anabolic/androgenic steroid and therefore it does not cause any enlargement or shrinking of male or female reproductive organs, acne, body/facial hair growth, balding etc. 

Is GHRP-3 considered legal? 

Yes, GHRP-3 is legal to buy and use. It is classified as a dietary supplement by the FDA in the US which means it can’t claim to cure any illness or disease. It should be used for hormone replacement therapy only when prescribed by a doctor. 

Does GHRP-3 increase IGF-1 levels? 

Yes, GHRP-3 helps increase somatomedin-C or IGF-1 which is a polypeptide hormone that is responsible for most of the anabolic actions of growth hormone (GH). Somatomedin-C also known as IGF1 causes increased cell growth and division ultimately resulting in increased muscle mass. 

Is GHRP-3 safe? 

Yes. Side effects, if they occur at all, are mild and short lasting such as headache, dizziness, and nausea. Occasionally may experience tightness of the throat and changes in heart rate but these can be easily treated by ceasing administration of GHRP-3 and drinking plenty of water. Should not be used by pregnant/breastfeeding women, children or anyone with a history of heart disease. If you experience any adverse effects, please consult a doctor immediately. 

Who should not take GHRP-3? 

GHRP-3 must not be taken by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, anyone under the age of 18 and anyone with a history of cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure or heart trouble. Please consult a physician before taking GHRP-3 if you suffer from any medical condition including but not limited to: diabetes, hypoglycaemia, growth hormone deficiency/insufficiency & IGF-1 deficiency/insufficiency. 

How long does GHRP-3 take to work? 

GHRP-3 starts working within 15 minutes of administration. 

How long will the effects of GHRP-3 last for? 

Effects of GHRP-3 can last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours after injection with a gradually decreasing effect over the course of the next 6 hours. Some users report feeling slightly GH pulse or thrill in their lower stomach region when using this product. 

Is it ok to take GHRP-2 and GHRP-3 together? 

Yes, they are both growth hormone releasing peptides that are designed to elevate natural GH release without inducing dramatic increases in levels of IGF-1 which can lead to unwanted side effects such as water retention, headaches & elevated blood pressure. Having said that however you should always consult a physician before supplementing with any drug or supplement to ensure that its use is safe and legal in your country. 

Will GHRP-3 cause cancer? 

No, it will not. Growth hormone does influence tumour growth but too little is known about the effects of GHRP-3 on GH levels for anyone to make claims as to whether GHRP-3 causes cancer or not. 

How long can I inject GHRP-3 for if I decide to do so?

GHRP-3 should be injected directly into subcutaneous fat tissue which means you are unlikely to experience injection site pain even after multiple injections over a prolonged period provided the injection depth remains shallow (halfway into the fat tissue).

Let GHRP-3 help you boost your GH naturally and reach your fitness goals!

Easily stimulates the human pituitary gland

GHRP-3 is a peptide drug that easily stimulates the human pituitary gland to release GH in significant quantities. It’s mostly used for bodybuilding purposes to increase muscle mass and reduce fat levels. It increases IGF-1 and triggers somatomedin release which is responsible for muscle growth. This peptide has helped a lot of bodybuilders achieve their goals with the least possible side effects!

Do you know anyone who has used GHRP-3? If so, what kind of results did they achieve with it? Leave your story below.

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